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Key Historical Events:

475 - Defeat of Rome by Goths - Leaves Europe in chaos
613 - Queen Brunhilda executed by Pepin I and Annulf Bishop of Metz
613 - Edict gives kings' power to Mayors job is hereditary
688 - Charles is born to Pepin II and concubine Chalpaida
709 - Arabs cross over from Africa and conquer Spain
711 - Spain conquered and under Arab rule.(till 1492 AD)
714 - Pepin II dies and heir is murdered leaving Charles in Line
717 - Charles deposes Pepin's widow and takes over as Mayor
725 - Arabs cross into France and are defeated at Toulouse
732 - Arabs regroup and are defeated by Charles at Poitiers
741 - Charles dies, and Pepin III takes over, son Charlemagne is born
800 - Charlemagne is crowned Emperor of Holy Roman Empire by the Pope

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