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(12/12/09) About the Author Louis deMartelly
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(12/05/09) About the book: Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny
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(12/05/09) Characters (real and fictional)
(11/20/09) About Clovis, King of Gaul, work in progress
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(05/17/09) Events
(11/20/09) Word file: deMartelly family
(11/20/09) About the Lance of Destiny (Spear of Destiny)
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(11/20/09) About Computer Limericks book ready for publication
(11/20/09) Preface and Prologue (MS Word XP file)
(12/05/09) About Charles Martel
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(12/12/09) Old index to MARTEL book site
(05/05/09) References
(11/19/09) Time Line (600ad to 800)
(11/19/09) Personal page about our Sailing
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