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Lou deMartelly, Author

LMSRF Area III schedule 09

LMSRF Area III schedule 10

Sailin'The Mac Ballad

Ive been crewing since '95 on Jeannine III, a J125 owned by J. O. (Jack) Roeser who serves as our skipper. We have a group of a dozzen and race with a crew of seven or eight. We are fitting the boat with a new mast of the skipper's design. Work will be done over the winter. Typically we meet on Saturdays all winter to work on the boat.

We campaign the boat actively on Lake Michigan in both bouy races and port to port. Once in a while we WIN! The boat does the "Mac" (Chicago to Mackinac) every year. The photo is Jeannine finishing the Mac in '06. Unfortunately I took it (from shore!). How about '10, guys?

Lately Joyce has been joining us on some of the Port to Port races. While in New Orleans we did a "beer can" (Wednesday evening regatta) on a 22' schoner. Great fun. Beer cans are training races, but most of the regular fleet shows up too.

We want to get the family interested in the greatest family sport of all time and are looking for a small, 25' or so, day sailer. Ideally its a trailerable centerboard boat that can sleep four and launch from a ramp. Hope to find something over the winter.