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In DeMartelly's new book, Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny The Dark Age comes to life with its history intact in exciting novel form. The facts of Martel's life read more like fantasy than history. Of illegitimate birth and arrested for the murder of his half brother, he escaped, deposed his father's widow, raised an army, conquered most of northern Europe and turned back an Arab invasion of France. The book includes two Arab defeats - Battle of Toulouse (725) and Battle of Tours (732).

While the Arab conquest of Spain is widely known, The Arab invasion of France happened twice in the 700's. Both were major historical battles, and both were major Christian Victories. Though details are fiction, the book is historically accurate. A time-line and references are included. Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny is available on-line from AuthorHouse at the link below, or click the menu at left for more info first!

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