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A MARINE SURVEY is a detailed examination of a boat - a boat you are thinking about buying, a boat you need to get insured, of even a boat involved in an accident. Your surveyor inspects your boat for wear and damage and potential problems and gives you a detailed report. The report can simply be a checklist with comments where problems are found, or it can be a verbose multi page written report with photos of key items.

If you are considering purchasing a used boat, a SURVEY can save you more grief than its small cost. If you are buying your first boat YOU NEED A SURVEY. If you are buying an older boat and you need to get it insured, you will probably need a SURVEY. If your boat was involved in a minor accident you ought to have a SURVEY to determine if the damage is more serious than you thought. If it's a major accident it will probably have to be SURVEYed.

DeMartelly marine surveys are done to U. S. Coast Guard safety standards. Your survey will include all of the items on a courtesy marine inspection plus a good many detailed items NOT included or required by the Coast Guard. They are reasonable, affordable and may save you many times the small cost of a survey in expense and grief.

DeMartelly Marine Surveys
Coast Guard Items:
Numbering, Registration/Documentation,PFDs (life jackets), Visual Distress Signals, Fire Extinguishers, Ventilation, Backfire Flame Arrester (gas engines), Sound Producing Devices, Navigation Lights, Pollution Plackard, MARPOL Trash Plackard, Marine Sanitation Device (head), Navigation Rules, State and Local Requiremets, Overall Boat Condition. (other items discussed but not required)
DeMartelly Marine Surveys
Additional Items:
Hull Construction, Moisture Content, Thru Hull Connections, Painting, Transom, Cockpit, Deck, Railings, Hatches, Bilge, Dewatering, Sole Plates, Ribs & Strringers, Bulkheads, Pannel, Wiring, Charging, Batteries, Motor, Transmission, Oil leaks, helm(s), autopilot, rudder, props, annodes, props, Galley, Berths, First Aid Kit, Compass, GPS, Marine Radio, Radar, Instruments.
DeMartelly Marine Surveys
Sailboat Items:
Mast & Spreaders, Shrouds, Chain Plates, Stays, Boom, Spinnaker Pole, Whisker Pole, Traveler, Halyards, Sheets, Clutches, Winches, Fair Leads, Blocks, Shackels, Main Sail, Jib(s), Spinnaker(s)

DEMARTELLY Marine Survey rates are geared to the practical needs of the client. They can be as low as $100.00 and up, depending on the size of the boat to be surveyed, the type of survey requested, and the purpose of the survey. Many boat buyers are happy with a simple check list with comments on observed problem areas. Others require a detailed, Verbose document of ten pages or more. If travel is involved we will charge expenses. We need to know a little about your boat and the purpose for your survey to give you an estimate. Email us with the details of your boat. Click on "My Info"