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Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny is a (mostly) true story about a man and an enchanted lance. The lance gained notice at Calvary. The prophesy was that no bone (of the Messiah) would be broken. The Jewish custom was to break the legs of the crucified to insure that they would die before the sabbath. When the Roman pierced the side of Jesus and He didn't flinch, it was unecessary to break his legs and the prophesy was fulfilled.

The lance, as the relic that had touched the real Blood of Christ, gained a reputation of having great powers. It is mentioned in Parsifal as having healing powers, and in Peredur as flowing three streams of blood from its tip. It is often paired with the cup as part of the Holy Grail and has a better claim as having touched the real Blood of Christ (sangreal). The word, "sangreal", can be translated as "sang" for blood and real for either real or royal.

By Martel's time, the legend was that is owner would never lose so long as he held it, but would die if he lost it. It was owned by Constantine, Charlemagne, and Fredrick Barbarosa. In our own time, it was owned by Hitler and briefly by Gen. Patton. Hitler had the lance traced to Martel. Patton was aware of the legend as well. Both died shortly after losing it (as well as Charlemagne and Barbarosa). The lance is now in a museum in Vienna. The lance plays a major part in deMartelly's historically accurate and exciting novel about Charles Martel.

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