Clovis, King of Gaul

an upcoming novel by Louis deMartelly

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Lou deMartelly, Author

Charles Martel and the Lance of destiny

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Clovis (466-511) was an influential and interesting leader. The first king of all France, he was the third of the Merovingian line. At the same time he was an important ally of the Catholic Church and a fierce and often brutal pagan warrior. His grandfather, Merovic from whom the line gets its name, broke from his Frank tribe to help the Roman General Aetius defeat attila. His father, Childeric, was run off for preying on young girls, only to have an affair with the wife of King Bisinus, his host.
(illistration is typical of Frank warriors - public domain)

Queen Basina left King Bisinus to join Childeric and bear him a son, Clovis - king by age 15, and successful warrior by 19. In his first battle he drove out the last Roman. In the process, he committed a brutal and sudden execution of one of his soldiers. A meticulus planner and disciplinarian, he couquered province after province, often personally killing the defeated king. Though he allowed himself to be baptized, he did not really embrace the faith until the end of his life.

DeMartelly's novel will follow the same historical pattern presented in exciting novel form as his earlier work Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny. The book is in progress and will be available sometime in 2010.