Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny
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Elements for a diversity of readers:

History: Battles, Toulouse (725) and Tours (732 one of 10 most significant battles in history) and others. Historical events are accurate and the diologue is appropriate for the characters. A glimps of little known history that shaped our lives today. Time line in appendix.

Literature: The King Arthur Story parallels Martel's life that it may well have been influenced by it. Real names and events have formed other fiction and great literature from this peroid. It is now known that Mallory based King Arthur on French Stories, which may well have been based on Martel.

Religion: The lance is a presumed religious relic dating from Calvary. The interplay of Christianity, Druidism and Islam give a picture of the religious struggle for the souls of men, complete with real letters to Martel from the Pope.

Free Discussion Guide: Download the free discussion guide. It includes an introduction about Charles Martel, info about the author, a synopsis of the book and a list of discussion topics and a convenient place for your notes. Purchase the book directly from our own stock and get discounts and personalized autographed copies for each of your members.


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