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Lou lives in Aurora, Illinois with his wife, Joyce and their youngest (of six) daughters, Victoria. "Tory" has a degree in anthropology from University of Illinois Chicago. Joyce is an executive and serves on several national policy committees. Lou is an active sailor in summer regattas on Lake Michigan. He is also a member of the U. S. Coast Guard Aux. where he serves as an instructor and vessel examiner.
photo is Lou and Joyce on the Pont du Gard (Roman aqueduct) in France

Lou spent most of his career in the computer industry, working with several of the majors and his own software company. He met his wife at Aurora University while majoring in history and political science and went on to complete his graduate studies at Northern Illinois University. He is a founder of the Kane County Historical Society

His passion is writing, "Lou's Law", "Computer Limericks", and "The Ballad of the Mac". He is a regular contributor to "The Champion", a political journal published by Family Taxpayers Network.

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